Thursday, January 10, 2013

Healthy Mommy - A review of Walk Away the Pounds w/ Leslie Sansone

After having two back to back pregnancies (totally unplanned), well to he honest both were unplanned I was told all my life I would never be the one thing I always knew I wanted, which was to be a MOMMY. Pregnancy not only takes over your life, but changes you in ways you never thought possible. I have committed in 2012 into 2013 to be healthier, or make a better effort to be. I have always been an active person, in the past active in dancing, gymnastics, and living a very active lifestyle. Pregnancy changes that so I started back with Leslie Sansone and her DVD programs of Walk Away the Pounds. They are simple moves, but boy they bring on the sweat. Anyone can do these DVD's and she ranges her programs so you can start and adjust to your ability or your time schedule. For the month of December I did walk away the pounds that goes from 1 mile to 5 miles and it gave me the jolt I needed. Now for January I am doing the 3 or 4 mile high energy DVD's. So far it is going well. It works the whole body, and it comes with a toning band to work those arms which is a goal of mine for this year! So please if you are looking for a program to start or need motivation please contact me I would love to help anyone. Here's to a healthier mommy and healthier you in 2013!

Secrets of a mommy get a walk away the pounds DVD!


Sunday, January 6, 2013



Even though at this time I am writing to no one specific I hope to connect with many mommies, friends, woman, and anyone who wants to chat and connect. The Secrets of a Mommy is a place where mothers, friends, girlfriends, daughters and sisters can come and share our "secrets" together. Secrets as in tips, tricks, coupons, deals, and daily doses of the CRAZY lives of mommyhood. One thing I have learned in my time as a mommy is that other mothers are the biggest support system out there! It's like you have a baby and you become part of a "secret" cult. No matter how your path starts to motherhood all roads lead to I love you mommy! I hope to give you guys a glimpse into our lives to share special moments, and the REAL ups and downs of mommyhood. Even if you are not mommy please stay and join us, because believe it or not before becoming moms we were actual people!


Love, Mommy